title.gif (5656 bytes) SRT kit is a complete system consisting of dish, mount, receiver, controller, software, and customer support. (Haystack SRT)
2.1 m (3m pictured) mesh dish, 2 axis motorized mount allows nearly complete coverage of the sky and automatically tracks objects (with controller) for extended integrations to increase the signal to noise ratio.  User needs to supply 31/2 inch O.D. pipe (3 inch schedule 40) as a mast.  (Details here)
Image1.jpg (433692 bytes) State of the art, digital, FFT based receiver 5x more sensitive than the analog receiver. Includes a noise diode calibration module. (Details here)
PRC9602.jpg Controller controls mount and receiver through the RS-232 port of your computer.
GUI written in JAVA and comes with complete source code (FREE).
Extensive documentation in Adobe PDF format (FREE).